What makes Baystate Health a special place? Our People. Together we deliver a higher state of caring.


Meet Brendan, a patient at Baystate Children’s Hospital, as he talks about the top five things he likes about his pediatric ultrasound technician, Sam.


Baystate Mary Lane Hospital is the only ED in western Massachusetts that pledges to see every patient within 30 minutes of arrival. Watch the behind the scenes story of what it took to make it happen.


A local crash victim, cyclist Bill Terry, returns to his active life thanks to a revolutionary new rib fixation procedure offered by trauma surgeons at Baystate Medical Center that allows patients to heal faster, with much less pain.


Perfecting Surgical Care of Lung Cancer: Learn more about how Baystate Medical Center and BMP-Thoracic Surgery are perfecting care to surgical patients with lung cancer through a national collaborative called ProvenCare.


See this innovative simulation-based training and peer review program at Baystate Medical Center for hospitalists and resident physicians to enhance physician communication.